Stand Down
Programs & Facilities

"Unfortunate events, though potentially a source of anger and
despair, have equal potential to be a source of spiritual growth.
Whether or not this is the outcome depends on our response."

Dalai Lama

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Stand Down House is a transitional living facility that assists homeless male veterans*
who are struggling & have lost their ability to lead productive lives due to combat &
non-combat related mental & physical wounds/illness (including PTSD & TBI),
addictions, and/or other issues regain their independence and lives through a multi
tiered program and collaboration with government agencies, VSOs, & the community.

* If you are looking for temporary housing & supportive services for at risk/homeless
female veterans or active duty/veterans' families or if you are a veteran, active
duty member or family member of a vet/soldier in need of help click here.

Stand Down House
Contract Program

In this stage our veterans are able to focus on recovery without the
concerns of daily living or responsibilities such as employment.


  • 15 bed capacity
  • 120 - 180 days of residence funded in part by the Health Care for
    Homeless Veterans Program (HCHV) through the VAMC
  • Nutritional Food - three meals per day
  • Clean and comfortable living quarters
  • A treatment team that works with each veteran to
    develop a personalized case plan
  • Monthly individual sessions and initial assessment
    with a clinical psychologist. (Florida licensed)
  • Twice weekly psycho educational groups
    conducted by a clinical psychologist
  • A full time Case Manager to help with life skills,
    employment, goal planning and more
  • A Resident Technician to provide support & guidance
  • 12-Step Meetings (in house & off grounds)
  • Transportation to and from the West Palm Beach VAMC
    for Substance Abuse, Medical, and Dental treatment
  • Stand Down House
    Grant & Per Diem Program

    In this stage our veterans have more freedoms while still being in a safe and
    somewhat structured environment to continue their work on recovery.
    This phase allows a gradual return to independent living.

  • 8 bed capacity
  • Up to two years stay
  • Residents reside in "Senior Living" quarters where
    they have kitchens to prepare their own meals
  • Continued attention and care by our treatment team
  • Monthly individual therapy sessions with a clinical
    psychologist (Florida licensed)
  • A full time Case Manager to help with finances, life
    skills, legal issues, goal planning and more
  • Resident Technician to provide support & guidance
  • Substance Abuse, medical, and dental treatment
    at the West Palm Beach VAMC
  • Residents are given the opportunity to "give back" by
    holding supportive meetings with our contract veterans
  • Stand Down House
    3/4 House

    An alternative living space that consists of beds for veterans who are
    ready for independent living, yet could benefit from continued support.

  • Nine bed capacity
  • Continued camaraderie of fellow veterans
  • Atmosphere of sober living
  • Stand Down Facilities
    Some of the amenities offered at Stand Down:

  • Networked computers which allow for job searches,
    resume writing, & limited internet access
  • Media center - TV, CD, VCR, & DVD
  • Library of recovery & inspirational material
  • Space for step meetings and educational speakers

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